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Therapy begins with finding a great fit between you and your therapist. If you are curious about working with me, I encourage and welcome any questions and offer a free 15 minutes consultation to discuss our potential work together. 

An initial consultation is an initial meeting between a therapist and a potential client. The purpose of the initial consultation is for the therapist and the client to get to know each other and determine if they are a good fit to work together.

During the initial consultation, the therapist may ask questions about the client's mental health history, current symptoms or concerns, and goals for therapy. The therapist may also discuss their therapeutic approach and answer any questions the client may have about the therapy process.

This initial meeting is an opportunity for the client to get a sense of whether they feel comfortable with the therapist and whether they think the therapist is a good fit for their needs. It is also an opportunity for the therapist to assess whether they have the necessary expertise and experience to help the client.

After the initial consultation, the therapist and client can decide whether to continue working together. If they decide to move forward, they will typically schedule additional therapy sessions. If not, the therapist may refer the client to another therapist or service that may better suit their needs.

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