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Navigating through life can be disappointing and challenging. It can be especially challenging when experiencing a life transition, feeling stuck, alone, or aimless. Therapy serves as a compass, which supports people in navigating through hardships and transforms them into a path that leads to self-discovery, meaningful relationships, and fulfilling life.


As an existential therapist, I consider clients as fellow humans and believe that each individual has internal sources and potential to thrive. Therapy guides people to find meaning, take responsibility, and make choices that align with their values and live more authentic lives.

I have an integrative approach that primarily blends existential/person-centered and cognitive-behavioral therapies. It assists my clients in restructuring their thoughts and modifies behavior while addressing their ambivalence and strengthening motivation for change and personal growth.

Therapy begins with finding a great fit between you and your therapist. If you are curious about working with me, I encourage and welcome any questions and offer a free 30 minutes consultation to discuss our potential work together. I do not accept insurance but offer affordable rates based on income.

Additional Credentials

  • Certificate: National Certified Counselor / 1534211
    Certificate Date: 2021

  • Certificate: Board Certified Coach / BCC4736
    Certificate Date: 2021