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9 Principles of Mental Health

Weekly Workshops at Crossbridge Wellness


Psychoeducational workshop 

This program is a series of nine unique workshops that combine psychoeducation, skills development, and interpersonal process every session. Each workshop combines the most effective psychotherapeutic techniques, modern psychological insights, and ancient yoga wisdom to address a particular topic. 

Joining the workshop is a rewarding and engaging experience. It allows participants to connect with other people who might share similar struggles and gain insights from other members. Members often serve as a support system, encourage, and hold each other accountable along the way. 


This workshop is designed for adult individuals who want to improve their lives by expanding their knowledge of psychotherapy and developing new skills to build a rich and rewarding life.

Workshop format

Each workshop provides a small group experience to learn about mental health principles and the ways to incorporate them into your daily life. Each session contains a 30 minutes presentation, 30 minutes of skills development, where you will learn how to apply techniques from different types of therapy, and a 30 minutes group processing time to reflect on the material and connect with the group.


Motivation, confidence, healthy lifestyle, interpersonal skills, holistic wellness, meaning and a more fulfilling life


Lack of purpose, stress, anxiety, procrastination, low self-esteem, harsh critical thoughts, and feelings of emptiness and loneliness


Coming soon


$35 per session


Although it is recommended to participate in all nine sessions to learn the “9 Principles” concept to successfully incorporate it into your life,  you can register for any workshop of your interest to address a particular issue and develop specific skills. Please register and pay online prior to the session. Only 9 seats are available. 

Workshop schedule

Session 1 - coming soon

"Be Honest with Yourself"

Session 2 - coming soon

"Reach Out for Support"

Session 3 - coming soon 

"Redefine the Self"

Session 4 - coming soon

"Recognize Your Opportunities"

Session 5 - coming soon

"Take Personal Responsibility"

Session 6 - coming soon

"Pursue a Higher Taste"

Session 7 - coming soon 

"Balance Your Lifestyle"

Session 8 - coming soon

"Develop Your character"

Session 9 - coming soon

"Devote Yourself"

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